How Did Wisteria Become Our Design Inspiration?

Each flower has its own story and meaning. If roses symbolize the love and passion, tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts and wisteria flowers exude the deep and loyal eternal love. The image of each wisteria tree drops dramatically not only appear in poetry, music or film but also appear in unique handmade gift designs.


Posted by Author | Tuesday 24th March 2020

In each country, wisteria has different names which are all beautiful and romantic. The Germans call it “blauregen” that means purple rain, the British called “wisteria”, the Japanese called “fuji”, and in Vietnam, we call “hoa tu dang”. Yes, it is just the name that wisteria has brought us many interesting things but more interesting when beautiful flowers also symbolize an eternal love despite time.

Because of this, Paper Color has chosen this beautiful and meaningful wisteria as a source of inspiration for the Wisteria Gate pop up card in a romantic way. The diadem of purple flowers is romantic, drooping to the ground to create attractive and soft beauty, it looks like singing in the wind and blessing the love of the couple.

Give this gift to someone you secretly love to express your heart “I wait for your response”; Or it will replace the promise of loyalty to the love affair, or simply express your love and admiration for the recipient. No matter what the emotional level of love, wisteria will always be the sweetest and most romantic gift.

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