World Heritage – Pop-up Card

Size : 8.5 x 11.7 ( inch)

Customization options on request


A unique design that is different from ordinary paper cards in the use of high-quality plywood for the cover creates a very new feeling when displayed.
Inspired by books, inside the card you will admire a meticulously designed 3d masterpiece combining images of 5 bridges representing 5 countries UK, Australia, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam. This display card embodies HMSP International’s dream of becoming the first bridge to break down all barriers between Asia and the West. This card can be used for any occasion, as an anniversary gift, a gratitude to friends, customers, and partners of the business.
With our endless inspiration and passion for art, we always understand and respond to every request from our customers, providing impressive product lines such as pop-up cards, pop-up calendars, quilling cards, photo books, gift boxes, etc.

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