Mihrimah Sultan Camii – Pop-up Card

Size : 5.9 x 7.9 ( inch)

Customization options on request


The cover of the pop-up card is embossed with elegant gold color with the image of Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, one of the famous architectural works of Turkey.
Inside this card, you will admire the palatial and magnificent beauty through the vivid 3D image of the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. The combination of classic details with soft, beautiful curves brings romance and fascination like the land and people of Turkey. This card will be the perfect gift for those who love to explore famous tourist destinations.
With our endless inspiration and passion for art, PGC always understands and respond to all requests from customers, providing impressive product lines such as pop-up cards, pop-up calendars, quilling cards, photo book, gift box, etc.

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